MBSE & Digital Engineering Workshop

Learn about MBSE and Digital Engineering

Length: 2 days

A vital functionality in virtual engineering, MBSE integrates iterative, complete layout with insights into the results of choices, changes, and gadget behaviors.

A 2-day education workshop that covers Model-based systems engineering (MBSE), Digital Engineering practices and tools, in addition to techniques like DODAF, UAF, UPDM, SysML, and more. This workshop will assist the members and result in more performance and progressed fine of all the purchase activities.

MBSE Benefits For Industries

These industries are benefited with MBSE

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Industrial equipment
  • Energy and utilities
  • Architecture and construction
  • Life sciences, High-tech
  • Marine and offshore
  • Financial and business services
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Natural resources
  • Consumer packaged goods and retail


MBSE and Digital Engineering course will be best fit for software and system engineers, scientists, analysts’ managers, technicians.

Course Outline

  • Foundations of Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Introduction to Digital Engineering
  • Overview of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) and System Integration
  • Models, Simulations, and Digital Engineering
  • Workshop Activities: Working with UAF Models and SysML Diagrams

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